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About us

Who are the people behind It's a big question that would demand a whole lot of column space in order to paint the full picture. If we define ourselves in relation to furniture design we might have an answer.


For the majority of our adult lives, we've always had a preference for the dusty and forgotten items. Items that after having lived a long and glorious life as centerpieces have now been banished to the attick, the barn, the basement or the storage room.

Of course we can be blown away by modern design and factory fresh design classics. But 9 times out of 10 times we prefer the item that is able to tell a story and where the well thought lines and craftmanship shine through - despite the fact that it may be hidden behind inches of old dust, dirt and time gone by.



Through out the years we have collected, bought, found and bargained our way to a lot of beautiful statement items. Items that in one way or another have brought joy into our home. Once in a while we have sold a piece or two in order to make room for new pieces but never more organised than that. This passion we have tried to harness through the establishment of*.


*"The word "genbrugbare" is a compound word that translates roughly to reusable".


The transformation when an item is pulled from its hideaway, shown a little love and placed in a new environment. Essientailly that is what it all comes down to for us.

We hope you'll find something that brings you as much joy as it does for us.


Best wishes

Louise & René

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